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From:Derick H Siddoway Date:March 30 1999 10:13pm
Subject:Re: Support for IP Range/Netmask? (fwd)
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Is there a reason that you can't generate the specific IP
addresses in a script and load them into the database?  I see
that your specific problem would be more easily solved by 
"completing" mysql in this way, but I don't see that it's 
something that we all need.  And this solution would keep
you from being bound to DNS availability.

Am I just off in left field here, or do others see mysql as
I do: a great engine with bits and pieces left off here and
there.  It's OUR responsibility to fill in these bits and
pieces.  So if you really have need to be able to grant
access to your database for, then YOU should
be writing this bit -- at least as a script that you then
make available for the rest of us.

Especially something that begins to be a little esoteric,
like this.  (C'mon, how many of us really lust after this


From: on 03/29/99 07:16 AM
cc: (bcc: Derick H 
Siddoway/TC/TRS/American Express)
Subject:	Re: Support for IP Range/Netmask? (fwd)

> Sorry, no.
> You can on the other hand probably create a separate internal domain
> for each subnet and mask on this name...

From my perspective, it's not good to force someone to use DNS to
establish better security to a server.  The key is, on most systems using
TCP/IP, it is possible to set up controls at the bitmask level.  In your
solution, if a DNS server went down, the database would choke.  That would
be bad, and in some cases, not uncommon.

If mySQL doesn't implement such a feature, then it will not be flexible
enough for all networks, and it will not be "complete" as far as TCP/IP is
concerned.  Considering it's only a few lines of code to implement (since
slashes are not valid in domain names, so are available for ip addrs), I'd
strongly recommend adding it to the product.

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