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From:Ken Menzel Date:September 25 2002 11:05pm
Subject:Re: client library no longer LGPL licensing
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> Does this also apply to non-open-source but free applications?  For
> example, we give away Escapade for free - always have, always will,
> at least for the minimal version of the product.  If we develop a
> non-free version of Escapade that uses mysqlclient, what happens
> then?  We also distribute statically-linked and dynamically-linked
> versions of the product, and I would be interested in knowing
> position on this issue in regards to licensing.

Excellent question and our point also,   we give away our non-open
source application as well and do not charge a per user/copy/customer
charge for the client or restrict copies.  We DO have licensed servers
and and we DO charge for using our servers.  I have been contacted be
e-mail by MySQL licensing and am looking forward to having my
questions answered.  We are still using MySQL 3 so I think we are OK.
But was planning on going to MySQL 4 soon.  I wonder how this affect
the Mascon people (Neat little app also).

Anyway I can understand MySQL's need to grow and would hope they
continue to listen to us MySQL developers as they always have.  (And I
think they will).  But I do feel this is an important change for
anyone working with a windows client for MySQL and want to be able to
earn dinner! And I would hope for open discussions.  We all want MySQL
to succeed as a DB and as a company.


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