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From:Ed Carp Date:September 25 2002 10:35pm
Subject:RE: client library no longer LGPL licensing
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> The change is made to avoid lots of discussions about when the GPL
> is effective. Basically we follow the same rules as we always have
> about when we want people to pay us for a commercial license but
> now we have a better legal ground to base it on. I hope it will
> save us (especially me since I have become the MySQL licensing guru
> :-) lots of discussion about who has to pay and who can use the GPL
> version. And of course this is totally in the line with what the
> Free Software Foundation and RMS wants since it spreads free
> software.
> We can still make exceptions and allow free use if there is a good
> reason for it (But not for "I like to make money without freeing my
> code or paying you" like reasons). 
> So the goal is to get money out of the people who distribute non
> OpenSource application using MySQL. We need the income for the much
> larger development team we now have. And the cost of running a real
> company instead of the administrative mess that Monty and I had
> earlier (And that mess was very very bad for my ease of mind). 

Does this also apply to non-open-source but free applications?  For
example, we give away Escapade for free - always have, always will,
at least for the minimal version of the product.  If we develop a
non-free version of Escapade that uses mysqlclient, what happens
then?  We also distribute statically-linked and dynamically-linked
versions of the product, and I would be interested in knowing MySQL's
position on this issue in regards to licensing.
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