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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 1 1999 10:25pm
Subject:strange lines in update_log found
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>>>>> "reger" == reger  <reger@stripped> writes:

>> Description:
reger> 	Look at the first line and the last three lines in the following part of our
> update_log.
reger>         Why the string is not terminated!?
reger>         This lines where produced after we have killed a JavaClient which sends
> the sqlstatements by connecting the mysqld
reger>         via the new mm.mysql.jdbc device.    
reger>         ------------------- clipping ---------------------
reger> 	insert into archiv (kw,year,dateiname_neu, branche, local, kunden_id)
> values('35','99','35996935aa;
reger> 	insert into anzeigen_mirror values
> ('98468','153f19392e7b2e222a1144372814243f','6935','0','');;
reger> 	use asi;
reger> 	insert into sysload
reger> 	                (host,load1,load2,load3,
reger> 	                  memtotal,memfree,buffers,cached,
reger> 	                  swaptotal,swapfree)
reger> 	                values
reger> 	                  ("hades",0.34,0.43,0.38,
reger> 	                  258004,20804,16088,163084,
reger> 	                  136512,128104);
reger> 	insert into sysload_net
reger> 			(host,device,recvd,recerr,xmit,collns)
reger>                         values
reger>                         ("hades","eth0",1094,0,1209,13);
reger> 	use VIS;
reger> 	SET timestamp=936110954;
reger> 	update archiv set dienstsitz='' where dateiname_neu='35996935aa;
reger> 	update archiv set sprache_id='2' where dateiname_neu='35996935aa;
reger> 	update archiv set appkind='1' where dateiname_neu='35996935aa;
reger>         ---------------------------------------------  	


Please try using 'od' to check if there is any special characters 
that you can't see in the log.

Another know problem is that if your client doesn't change ASCII 0 ->
\0 (where the last character is digit 0), then the log will not show
everything (as it's printed with fprintf).

Hope this helps!

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