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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 1 1999 10:22pm
Subject:Dangling threads take all CPU
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>>>>> "Thomas" == Thomas van Gulick
> <list@stripped> writes:

Thomas> If I use my own compiled version of MySQL 3.23.2 (using the new gcc 2.95)
Thomas> after a while of use, some MySQL threads do not quit (no timeout or not
Thomas> properly closed, I am not sure) but keep heating the CPU and increasing the
Thomas> load. I can kill them using mysqladmin kill and all is normal then. But it's
Thomas> quite annoying to do this every time by hand (the server is quite busy and
Thomas> I'm not 24hrs online, like my computer is).

Thomas> This problem does not occur with the executables in the rpm files, which are
Thomas> compiled with egcs 1.0.3 I believe.
Thomas> So somewhere something goes wrong. These are my configure settings:

Thomas> --with-pthread --enable-thread-safe-clienbt --enable-assembler --with-mysqld
Thomas> -user=mysql --without-readline --host=i686-pc-linux-gnu

Thomas> Might the --enable-assembler option be unsafe? And what else could I try to
Thomas> find the offending code bits so they can be fixed?


Could you please post the output of 'mysqladmin proc' when this happens.
Your compile line should be ok (I am quite sure that --enable-assembler

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