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From:Paul DuBois Date:September 24 2002 3:36am
Subject:Re: Re: mysqlimport
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>>>HI sorry for the confusion.
>>>well...... I want to create a database where I can give *any* name
>>>(ofcourse, the database doesn't exist).
>>>Are you trying to say, I need to ask the root, to give me create
>>>privilege on database "xxx", even before it exist, then only I can
>>>create the database "xxx". Then every time when I want to create a
>>>new database, I need to ask the root to give create privilege ???
>>Well, yes, you need to have privileges on a database to be able to create
>>it.  However, if you have the global CREATE privilege, you can create *any*
>>database.  So maybe that's what you want.  The GRANT statement for
>>this will look like:
>>GRANT CREATE ON *.* TO ddb@localhost IDENTIFIED BY 'passwd';
>>*.* as a level specifier means "global".
>>Is that what you want?
>Yes....! here I go again!!
>If I get the global CREATE, yes I can create any databases, but also
>it will allows me to create tables under any database?? isn't that

Right.  CREATE applies both to databases and to tables.  There are
not separate create-database and create-table privileges.

>Is it possible, i can create new databases (with any name) but I
>will not have any access to other existing database??

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