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From:Paul DuBois Date:September 23 2002 9:41pm
Subject:Re: Tinytext index howto ?
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At 22:47 +0200 9/23/02, David yahoo wrote:
>I have a column that can have 850 chars at max.
>I think that I can only put this in a tinytext col type.

Probably not.  The maximum size of TINYTEXT is 255 bytes.  You need
at least a TEXT type.  (MEDIUMTEXT and LONGTEXT will also work, but
are much longer than you need.)

>How can I hav an index to this col mysql refuse me to add one ?

Depends on the table type.  ISAM and InnoDB won't allow you to index
BLOB or TEXT columns.  MyISAM and BDB do, but you must index just a
prefix of the column, up to a maximum of 255 characters.

Tinytext index howto ?David yahoo24 Sep
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