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From:Paul DuBois Date:September 23 2002 3:26pm
Subject:RE: transactions...
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At 9:40 -0500 9/23/02, Dana Diederich wrote:
>Perhaps the InnoDB/MyISAM gurus can comment on this.  I want to switch from
>MyISAM to Innodb, because we have database tables that have many updates,
>inserts, deletes and selects going on at the same time.  My belief is that
>InnoDB's better locking semantics (as compared to MyISAM) will give me
>better overall performance in such a high contention environment.  For
>example, each update won't block other updates or selects or deletes.
>Is this a fair assumption?

Yes.  InnoDB's row-level locking fares better when your query mix contains
many updates, rather than just a lot of selects.  MyISAM tables use table-level
locking, which works well for a mix of selects, but degrades when you start
throwing updates into the mix.

>   Honestly, the 'other' features of InnoDB
>(transactions and reliability) aren't as important to me as overall speed.

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