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From:Wolfgang Moestl Date:September 23 2002 6:49am
Subject:Case sensitivety behaviour
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Is there a defined behaviour for handling the case-sensitivety for user- and hostnames?
I did not find any information on this at the docs for the 4.0.3 MAX version which I'm

For example, the following database connections are valid:

However, the following connection is resulting in an "Connection failed: 1045 - Accss
denied for user: ..." error:

It looks like the host parameter is completely insensitive for cases, every combination of
upper- and lowercase characters it taken.

To get it even more confusing, the values for user and host at the SHOW GRANTS FOR
[user]@[host] are BOTH FULLY case-sensitive.
Only the exact values as beeing stored at the mysql system tables are taken.

The following statements does return values:
SHOW GRANTS FOR root@localhost

The following statements will NOT return values:
SHOW GRANTS for Root@localhost
SHOW GRANTS for root@Localhost

Personnaly I think the same case-sensitivety behaviour should be implemented in every
aspect of the database functionallity.
If connecting as Root@LOCalhOST works a SHOW GRANTS FOR Root@LOCalhOST should work as

Best regards,

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