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From:Victoria Reznichenko Date:September 21 2002 12:08pm
Subject:re: Re: My Replication Story
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Wednesday, September 18, 2002, 6:26:37 PM, you wrote:

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DH> Victoria Reznichenko wrote:
DH> | As far as I remember there was found and fixed the similar bug in
DH> | 4.0.3. Could you provide output of SHOW CREATE TABLE for testing?


DH>         When you say 'SHOW CREATE TABLE' I assume you mean during the creation of
DH> the temporary table (SHOW CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE)? In which case mysql
DH> politely informs me that i have an error in my SQL syntax ;-)

Oops! Sorry, it's my fault. I miss that tables in the query are temporary. What is
the structure of temporary tables nevertheless?

DH> I cant afford to take down the master database since it is in use round
DH> the clock but i have upgraded the slave server to 4.0.3 with an
DH> identical copy of the data restored from dds. I was unable to reproduce
DH> the problem either, probably because the database wasn't under load just
DH> merely hosting my single connection.

DH> Strangely this is the same behaviour I got from the main database after
DH> its upgrade, worked fine with 2-3 connections but started jumpin' under
DH> real load.

DH> I know this probably isn't of much use to you, i'll try writing up a few
DH> perl scripts to create some "virtual load" and see what happens then.

DH> If there's anything else i can provide for you to help trace this bug
DH> down. let me know.

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