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From:Mike Machado Date:March 30 1999 8:33pm
Subject:Complicated Query
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Ok, I have run into this mind boggling problem and hopefully someone out
there with a fresh perspective can help out.

I have a table with 'UserName varchar(15)', 'StartTime datetime', and
'StopTime datetime'. This table keeps track of every login to a system
I am running.

Now, I want to be able to throw a range and see who was logged during
that range. It is not to hard to get a list of the people who logged in
or out BETWEEN the times I specify, but lets try an example of the
problem I have come up against:

here are a few sample entries
'john','1999-03-29 01:00:00','1999-03-29 06:00:00'
'bob','1999-03-29 02:30:00','1999-03-29 03:30:00'
'bill','1999-03-29 06:00:00','1999-03-29 08:00:00'

Now I want to know everyone who was logged in between '1999-03-29
02:00:00' and '1999-03-29 04:00:00'

So this should obviously give me john and bob but not bill. The
problems I have come across are since john logged BEFORE the first date
I am searching for, I have not figured out a way to match his login.
Finding bob didn't seem to be a problem because he logged in after the
first date I searched for. I need to have some query match both since
john was logged during the hours I searched. I hope this is clear enough
to get some answers. Thanks guys.

Mike Machado
Network Specialist

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