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From:MySQL Date:September 20 2002 9:54pm
Subject:Re: Fractions
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   You might also consider using two integer type fields - one for the
   numerator and another for the denominator. This way storage and recovery are
   easy and the mathematics are wide open.

I suspect that a float add is faster than 3 integer multiplies and

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   ]   At 20:47 -0500 9/18/02, William Martell wrote:
   ]   >Hello.
   ]   >
   ]   >Can anyone tell me whether we can represent fractions in MySQL
   ]4.0.  I have
   ]   >data representing different lengths of objects measured in
   ]inches.  Can I
   ]   >load this data as is into a field in MySQL or do I have to
   ]convert it first
   ]   >into an floating point interger or decimal value???
   ]   You could store them as strings, but you'd have to interpret them on
   ]   the client side, most likely.
   ]In which case you might as well store them as reals, with char
   ]substitution (interpret).  As reals, later when the inevitable desire
   ]occurs to add different lengths, it will be simple.
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