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From:Paul DuBois Date:September 19 2002 4:51pm
Subject:Re: Getting timing from MySQL scripts
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At 12:01 -0400 9/19/02, Jamie Beu wrote:
>Whenever I run a command from the MySQL prompt, The command executes and
>outputs the time to process the command.
>However, if I put the same command in a script file, and run it in batch
>mode from the shell prompt (or even use SOURCE from the mysql prompt),
>I do not get the same timing info.

That's because when mysql runs in batch mode, it disables a lot of the
interactive mode output.  Run it with the -vvv option and you'll get
the information you're looking for.

>I want to run some benchmark tests, but I need precision greater than 1 sec
>(the automatic timing output from MySQL is to the hundredth of a second,
>which will suffice).
>Please help. I am not using PHP at all - just sourcing MySQL query scripts.
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