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From:Paul DuBois Date:September 1 1999 6:53pm
Subject:Re: Chapter 8 was: Who uses MySQL?
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At 11:41 AM -0700 9/1/99, Thimble Smith wrote:
>At 13:56, 19990901, Anonymous Caller wrote:
>>I hadn't taken a look at Chapter 8 in quite some time.  It looks good,
>>but then again probably everyone on this list has been using SQL for a
>>while.  Is this easily enough arranged/written for new users?
>Who am I to say?  But if you have any questions about it (or any other
>section of the manual) - if anything makes you scratch your head and go,
>"What's that doing?" just ask about it.  If it's not easy enough for new
>users, that's because it's hard to anticipate which things are going to
>trip someone up.  If you point out where you're getting tripped up, then
>usually that's easy to remedy.
>What's hard is when people say, "The manual is too hard to understand."
>The response is usually, "So you want me to rewrite the whole thing?"
>If you can say, "I don't understand section 8.2 - what's going on
>there?", then it's a lot easier to set up a conversation that will
>clarify exactly how that section is confusing, and exactly how it can be
>made more accessible.

As the author of the tutorial in chapter 8, allow me to say:
that's exactly right.  I echo Tim's comments completely.

Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
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