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From:Thimble Smith Date:September 1 1999 6:41pm
Subject:Re: Chapter 8 was: Who uses MySQL?
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At 13:56, 19990901, Anonymous Caller wrote:
>I hadn't taken a look at Chapter 8 in quite some time.  It looks good,
>but then again probably everyone on this list has been using SQL for a
>while.  Is this easily enough arranged/written for new users?

Who am I to say?  But if you have any questions about it (or any other
section of the manual) - if anything makes you scratch your head and go,
"What's that doing?" just ask about it.  If it's not easy enough for new
users, that's because it's hard to anticipate which things are going to
trip someone up.  If you point out where you're getting tripped up, then
usually that's easy to remedy.

What's hard is when people say, "The manual is too hard to understand."
The response is usually, "So you want me to rewrite the whole thing?"
If you can say, "I don't understand section 8.2 - what's going on
there?", then it's a lot easier to set up a conversation that will
clarify exactly how that section is confusing, and exactly how it can be
made more accessible.

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