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From:Egor Egorov Date:September 18 2002 6:15pm
Subject:re: MySQL is Crashing
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Wednesday, September 18, 2002, 9:32:29 AM, you wrote:

RK> I  have written 2 scripts the first one which will ceate the schema and
RK> second one will insert some rows into it.
RK> The table type is BDB.
RK> Scripts are something like this


RK> If I run these scripts together repeatedly everything seems to be fine.
RK> But after running these scripts If I goto mysql and then run a query like
RK> select * from role;
RK> then it shows me one row which is the right thing. I then exit from mysql
RK> and run my scripts one more time and this is when the mysqld-max-nt.exe
RK> crashes.
RK> The error message is
C:\mysql\bin>mysql --host=localhost --user=erecruiter --password=erecruiter
RK> mysql
RK> 0<c:\eRecruiter\scripts\db.sql 1>c:\temp\
RK> ERROR 1009 at line 28: Error dropping database (can't delete
RK> '.\erecruiter\address.db', errno: 4862976)

RK> I am using My SQL version 3.23.39 Max on Windows XP

RK> I have to reboot the machine to get MySQL running again.

I tested it on 3.23.52 and didn't get any error.

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