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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 1 1999 10:42am
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Jani> Hi Benjamin,

Jani> Yes, I noticed my mistake. Monty was really talking about 3.24, which
Jani> surprises me a bit, because I don't think it will released for a
Jani> rather longer time yet. Instead of that, sub-selects should be coming
Jani> to 3.23 a little at the time.  (They can't be implemented all at once,
Jani> it is a rather big job.) Maybe sub-selects and the EXISTS etc. above
Jani> are fully supported in 3.24, but it will certainly take some time.

Jani> Regards,

Jani> - Jani


It's easier to manage different releases than to ensure that a new
change doesn't break a 'stable' release'.

As 3.23 already has a lot of nice features that many MySQL users want
to use, we decided to push sub selects to 3.24 just to get 3.23 
stable as soon possible.  We have now 'almost' freezed the
functionality in 3.23 and we hope that 3.23 will be stable enough for
production work within one month..

3.23 includes already a lot of groundwork that is needed for sub selects
and by splitting releases we think we can get 3.23 stable at the same
time as we are working on sub selects for 3.24

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