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From:henk Date:September 1 1999 9:34am
Subject:MySQL-devel-3.23.2-alpha-1.i386.rpm / failed dependencies
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I have installed MySQL from the tar ball and it compiles and works ok (on Red
Hat 6.0) Now I want to install KMySQL.
The main package compiles ok and runs.
However I can't get the plug in to compile because it needs the header files.
In the make file the following is set:
QTDIR = /usr/lib/qt
KDEDIR = /opt/kde
MYSQLCLIENT = /usr/local/lib/mysql/libmysqlclient.a   (the file is there)

MySQL is installed in the default dir (/usr/local/bin/)
I first did install the MySQL rpm and then the devel.rpm would install, but
following the O'Reilly MySQL & Msql book I decided to start over from the
tarball and compile myself.

The problem is:
I can only find MySQL-devel in an rpm version.
When doing:
rpm -Uvh MySQL-devel-3.23.2.....rpm
I get the message:
error: failed dependencies
MySQL is needed bij MySQL-devel-3.23.2-lpha-1

Where do I find a source version of the devel package ?
How do I make the devel.rpm find the (default installed) MySQL?

Thanks for any help, Henk Scholten.
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