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From:Paul DuBois Date:September 13 2002 2:26am
Subject:Re: creating a text file from a tarred backup...
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At 12:16 +1000 9/13/02, Campbell McLeay wrote:
>I was wondering whether if anyone knew the method by which
>data can be extracted from a backup of a mysql data directory
>done with tar. The files I currently have are a copy of the
>whole mysql directory tree (done with tar). What I want to do
>is somehow extract the information from these files to dump
>to a text file and then I can use mysqlimport or whatever
>from there. I realise that mysqldump is the correct way
>to back up databases but that's all I have to work with
>at the moment. Any ideas on how this could be done?

Since you made a direct copy of the server's data directory,
you'll need to point a server at it and tell it to dump the
tables, e.g., with mysqldump.


creating a text file from a tarred backup...Campbell McLeay13 Sep
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