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From:Paul DuBois Date:September 13 2002 1:55am
Subject:Re: Cannot find mysqladmin
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At 10:54 +1000 9/13/02, Richard Pfeil wrote:
>I am new to MySQL and am in the process of installing 3.23.52 on Red Hat
>Linux 7.3.  The installation appears to have been successful but the post
>installation section of the documentation refers to mysqladmin which appears
>to be absent.

The server is in one RPM and the clients are in another.  Did you install
them both?

>Is mysqladmin supposed to be present in a Linux install of MySQL?
>If so where can it be found?
>If not, should I be reporting this as an error in the documentation and how
>else can I check to see if the installation was successful?
>Thanks in advance,
>Richard Pfeil

Cannot find mysqladminRichard Pfeil13 Sep
  • Re: Cannot find mysqladminPaul DuBois13 Sep