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From:Paul DuBois Date:September 12 2002 10:42pm
Subject:Re: laptops
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At 16:21 -0400 9/12/02, Edward Peloke wrote:
>Forgive me for getting off topic but I am thinking of buying a new laptop.
>Which brands do you all trust?  I don't have much to spend at all.  I am
>leaning towards a compaq since they are offering an upgrade to xp pro for
>free (which I will need) and a free wireless card.  I am looking for a
>decent machine to do php and mysql work on.

I use an iBook running Mac OS X.  It's got MySQL, Perl (DBI), PHP, Python
(DB-API), Java (JDBC), Apache, Tomcat, and Ruby running on it.

You can't use BDB tables under Mac OS X, though.  There is some kind of
mutex problem that prevents BDB from working.
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