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From:Jay J Date:March 30 1999 5:26pm
Subject:Thanks mySQL (...Monty)
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I was just about to hack out a Perl routine to build a string "(id=15 OR
id=16 OR id=17)" etc.. etc.. when I came across the IN(15,16,17) function.

Maybe this is standard SQL, I dunno, it doesn't matter - Thanks to TCX for
supporting this clever function and it just goes to show what a little RTFM
will get'cha.

Ya'know - it just occurred to me, do newbies know what RTFM stands for? That
could explain some of the questions sucking up bandwidth across the net...
"Damn! I ask a question .. I get an acronym, what is this RTFM?? I checked
the manual, it's not it there either!" =)


-Jay J

Thanks mySQL (...Monty)Jay J30 Mar