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From:Paul DuBois Date:September 11 2002 4:25pm
Subject:Re: First question: a howto.
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At 10:12 -0600 9/11/02, Brian.Duke@stripped wrote:
>I can't add a new user or I don't know the proper way to log into the
>server. I added a user; call him webley. Ran my sql statement to insert into
>the user and db tables. Granted all rights because I was unsure how many
>rights my cgi script would need. It does need to create new tables and
>populate data. when I try to log in as that user, "mysql -u webley -p
>icesql" I get the prompt for a password but after entering I get "access
>denied". The "icesql" is in the db table and webley does have rights in the
>db table for that database. Can someone tell me if I am missing the big

If you used INSERT, did you also FLUSH PRIVILEGES after creating the
grant table entries?

Generally, it's better to use GRANT, which is easier, and also causes
the server to reread the grant tables automatically.

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First question: a howto.Brian.Duke11 Sep
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