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From:Gerald Clark Date:September 11 2002 2:09pm
Subject:Re: Error 1053 stalling replication
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I do:
slave stop
slave start

Martin Waite wrote:

>Mysql, sql, etc.
>I am using a slave to perform backups using mysqlhotcopy.
>This locks all tables in my database for 10 minutes.
>Sometimes the replication is aborted during the period
>that the tables are locked. The error message in the slave's
>log is:
>ERROR: 1053  Server shutdown in progress
>020910 21:00:02  Slave:  error running query 'insert into ...'
>020910 21:00:02  Error running query, slave aborted. Fix the problem, and re-start the
> slave thread with "mysqladmin start-slave". We stopped at log 'log-bin.114' position
> 75216512
>The slave is then easily restarted using slave start.
>Does anyone know why this is happening ?  I imagine it is something to do with
>the tables being locked - but I don't understand why it thinks there is a 
>server shutdown, or why this isn't easily repeatable.
>My slave is 3.23.51 (linux 2.4), and the master is 3.23.33 (linux 2.2).
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Error 1053 stalling replicationMartin Waite11 Sep
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