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From:Paul DuBois Date:September 11 2002 12:33am
Subject:Re: MySQL Question
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At 17:16 -0700 9/10/02, Mark S Lowe wrote:
>I have to do an insert and need to nest a select inside. I have tons 
>of documentation on a very simple version of this, however my 
>requirements are one step beyond that. Here is what I'd like to do 
>in MySQL:
>insert into
>(column1, column2)
>(select column1a from table2 where [something],
>If you'll notice, I want one column from a select and one column 
>outside the select. Is this possible in MySQL? All the documentation 
>I've read about MySQL says it can't be done.

It depends.  What is the second value and where does it come from?
If it's some expression that you can calculate on the fly, there's
no reason it can't be done.

>Thank you in advance!

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