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From:Yuri Date:September 10 2002 8:29pm
Subject:Re: Innodb X myisam
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> I have been working with Mysql-Myisam, but when I converted to Inoodb
> I
> noticed that my queries were much slower.
> Why?
Inno DB handles transactions. So if they are "on"
it generally would be slower vs. if they are "off"
since it has to keep both copies of data (before
and after change)
> what can I do for best the performance?
Ex. use raw disk option in InnoDB. This generally
speeds up operations since you bypass file system
drivers. See if all indexes are correct and not
missing. Increase memory buffers like
key_buffer/record_buffer in my.cnf.

> When do I have to use the innodb?
For reliability (it's crash-safe), transactions.

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