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From:Michael Widenius Date:August 31 1999 9:00pm
Subject:Enhancement Req: REPLACE vs. INSERT
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>>>>> "Ornoth" == Ornoth Liscomb <OLiscomb@stripped> writes:

Ornoth> MySQL supports multi-row insertions with INSERT ... VALUES
Ornoth> (...),(...),(...). But it is my understanding that it does not presently
Ornoth> support REPLACE ... VALUES (...),(...),(...). That'd be a really nice
Ornoth> enhancement, IMO.

REPLACE works with many rows.

Ornoth> Also, are there any limitations on the number of rows or the length of this
Ornoth> type of multi-row INSERT statement? And if not, does Perl DBI impose any
Ornoth> such limitations?

max_packet_length (in the mysqld server) is the only restriction...

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