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From:Eric Lamendola Date:September 10 2002 1:06pm
Subject:Re: MySQL Monitoring Alerts
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I noticed another response about "tailing the log" and looking for 
information in the "err" log which looks like a great solution.

However, if you have an extra computer laying around, you can also set up a 
cron job with a shell script that connects to the server (via telnet or 
using a mysql client to connect) and checks the output.  Then quickly 
disconnects so as not to tie up a connection.

If the connection is refused or unavailable, then the server is not 
responding.  You could even put in some extra lines in the script for 
checking more than once to see if it was a fluke the first time.

This would be a little more real time and allows you to set the frequency 
in which you want to monitor the server.  Plus, you could set the script to 
Email you if the server isnt working.

If not - hey what do I know <heh>

Eric Lamendola

At 10:04 AM 9/10/02 +0100, Tom Freeman wrote:
>I hope this question hasn't been asked loads of times before but I can't see
>any reference to it in the documentation.
>Basically I need a way to monitor MySQL to ensure it hasn't gone down. We
>are using MySQL as the backend of some important sites and need to ensure
>that if it does crash for whatever reason, an alert (email and SMS) is sent
>out to an engineer to resolve the problem.
>We are presently using a program known as NetSaint to monitor our services
>but it sometimes doesn't seem to be 100% reliable at detecting a MySQL
>Anyway, can anyone tell me a better way to monitor MySQL so that if it has
>any problems an oncall engineer can respond quickly. I'm sure this must be a
>common problem so there must be something out there already.
>Many thanks,
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