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From:Gerald Clark Date:September 9 2002 2:05pm
Subject:Re: newbie questions...
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Mark Sibly wrote:

>I'm new to this list, and have a few basic MySql questions:
>* Is it safe to convert a timestamp field to a datetime one? ie: will this
>'touch' each row and stuff up the ordering (hopefully not!).

What happend when you tried it on a test table?

>* I'm building a BBS application that needs to keep track of 'child counts'.
>Currently, I'm using integer 'count' fields for this and manually updating
>'parent' counts where necessary. Would it be better to just use 'count(*)'
>instead where possible? Would this be slower? If I index the fields to be
>counted, would this end up wasting/saving disk-space?
>Finally...MySql is GREAT! I have a complete BBS application up and running,
>coded 'from scratch' with no prior SQL knowledge based just on the MySql
>package and docs. Of course, its now in dire need of cleaning up!
>Mark Sibly,
>Blitz Research Ltd
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