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From:Gerald Clark Date:September 9 2002 1:44pm
Subject:Re: Simple MySQL client in C ... Help please.
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The source is written in C.
Check out the mysql client program.
Many of the utilities listed on the MySQL site are
also 'C' programs. You can download some of them and
take a look.

I would not recommend this as your first exposure to 'C'.
You might want to hire a programmer to assist you until
you get up to speed, or take a C programming class.

Jean-Marc Godart wrote:

>Hello everyone,
>First of all, I am new to this list, so please let me introduce myself
>quickly : I am Jean-Marc and I work in research in a university in Belgium.
>I would like to make a very simple and basic C program that would just list
>the data I have in a field of a table. Even though I can already make such a
>program in PHP, I have no idea where to start in C : I don't know what
>"includes" and "libraries" I should use. Can anyone help me ? I am no
>programming specialist (I am business engineer !!!) and that would help me
>much if I could find an example of a very simple C program (just a few
>lines) that accesses a MySQL database.
>By advance, thank you !
>Best regards from Belgium,
>                        Jean-Marc
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Simple MySQL client in C ... Help please.Jean-Marc Godart8 Sep
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