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From:BAUMEISTER Alexandre Date:September 9 2002 1:26pm
Subject:Selecting databases to replicate ?
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  I configured two of my servers for replication.

  On the master I added :

master-host     = xxx.xxxx.xxxx
master-user     = xxxxxxxxx
master-password = xxxxxxxxx
master-port     = 3306
server-id       = 14

  I have another database db5 with tables which are receiving a lot of
  updates  per seconds and I don't want replication of that database.
  As  of  what  I  understand  about Mysql's replication I can let the
  master  log  everything  and tell the slave to ignore queries in db5
  but in this case :
    * bin-log on the master will grow quickly due to DB5 updates while
    I don't care about these updates for replication,
    *  the slave will receive all these updates and have to decide not
    to take care of them,
    * it will consume some network bandwidth while not necessary.

  So  that's  why  I  decided  to prefer telling the master not to log
  other queries than the ones in db1, db2, db3 and db4.

  Is it the good thing to do ? (this is my first question :) ).

  I  have  a  script which is doing some 'LOAD DATA INFILE' queries in
  order  to load data in tables in another database db6. So it's not a
  replicated  DB.  But  the  'LOAD DATA' queries are logged in bin-log
  while I have no binlog-do-db for db6.

  If  I  query  'SHOW  MASTER STATUS' it's telling me its logging db1,
  db2, db3 and db4 but not db5 and db6.

  So  why  are LOAD DATA in db6 logged in bin-log ? (this is my second
  and last question :) ).

  Kind regards,

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