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From:Gerald Clark Date:September 6 2002 2:11pm
Subject:Re: MySQL server and datadir in a different machine
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Put the server on the machine with the data.
You don't want your server doing full table scans
across the network.

Jaime JLO. López Ortega wrote:

>I have just installed MySQL 3.23.52 in a Windows2000. This machine is connected in a
> network.
>I would like to now if it is possible to install the datadir directory in another
> machine but the one that I have installed the MySQL Server.
>I have tried using in the my.cnf file the option datadir with the path (f.e. if I have
> a network driver X: and I want to install the datadir path in x:\data\,) like 
>datadir = x:/data/
>when I try to start the  MySQL service I get an error 1067. I have read the manual but
> I did not find anything saying about installing the datadir in another machine.
>thank for your time.
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MySQL server and datadir in a different machineJaime JLO. L√≥pez Ortega6 Sep
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