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From:Michael Widenius Date:August 31 1999 7:17pm
Subject:[REPOST] MySQL ODBC connection timeout
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>>>>> "Rob" == Rob Greene <rgreene@stripped> writes:

Rob> I've asked this before but didn't get any responses (even "I don't knows")!
Rob> So, here goes again...

Rob> Has anyone else had trouble setting the ODBC timeout for MySQL from VB6?
Rob> I've tried various combinations of these code snippets:

Rob> (1) DBEngine.LoginTimeout = 5
Rob>     Set wsMySQL = DBEngine.CreateWorkspace("MyWS", Username, Password,
Rob> dbUseODBC)
Rob> (2) wsMySQL.LoginTimeout = 5
Rob>     Set connMySQL = wsMySQL.OpenConnection("myConn", dbDriverNoPrompt,
Rob> False, _
Rob> (3)			& "ODBC;DSN=xxx;LOGINTIMEOUT=5")

Rob> I've even hacked the registry, per the Microsoft instructions!  As far as I
Rob> can figure, I am using ODBCDirect to do this. I've tried the following
Rob> MyODBC drivers:,, I really don't know if
Rob> this is a VB, ODBC, or MyODBC problem...

Rob> TIA,
Rob> -Rob

Rob> P.S. My client is running from Win98, and this is the easiest way to get
Rob> things up and running for him.


I checked the code for MyODBC client code and it supports only login
connect timout when you connect to a MySQL server on a NT on a pipe.

(hostname is NULL or '.')

If you want to change this, you may have to modify the function:


to handle timeouts on Win32

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