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From:Gerald Clark Date:September 5 2002 1:37pm
Subject:Re: Problem with TEMPORARY TABLES
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Myan GUI based clients use a new connection for each query, and therefore
can not be used to test locking or transactions.

Stefan Kroon wrote:

>Dear developer(s),
>I tried to use MySQLGUI 1.7.5 for Windows, downloaded from the
> I had problems with using temporary tables. First I
>created such a table. Then I did a INSERT ... SELECT statement to insert
>rows into this temporary table and then I tried to SELECT from this
>table. But I get the error message 'table doesn't exist'. When I do the
>same with the linux-text-mysql-client. I don't have this problem. Do I
>make a mistake? Do I have the wrong server-version at the server-side or
>is it a bug?
>I am using mysql version: mysql  Ver 11.12 Distrib 3.23.33, for
>suse-linux (i686)
>Thanks for your time anyway,
>Stefan Kroon
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