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From:Paul DuBois Date:September 3 2002 7:44pm
Subject:Re: Openssl and MySQL 4.0.3-Beta
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At 12:44 -0400 9/3/02, Matthew Scarrow wrote:
>According to the documentation under section 4.3.9 to get openssl 
>working with mysql you need to configure mysql with the --with-vio 
>When I add the as arguments to ./configure and then compile it I get 
>a  mysqld that will run but try to do anything with it and the 
>client freezes it seems.

Yep.  The developers are working on it.  In the meantime, try this.
Instead of invoking ./configure like this:

./configure --with-vio --with-openssl [other options]

invoke it like this:

CFLAGS="-DEXTRA_DEBUG" ./configure --with-vio --with-openssl [other options]

or, for csh/tcsh:

./configure --with-vio --with-openssl [other options]

That may get you going.

>Is there any way to enable these options with the rpm binary 
>packages. I would like to use the ones that are built by
>If not how can I compile this so it works right.
>Thanks for any help.
>Matthew Scarrow
>ComIT Solutions Inc.

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