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From:Paul DuBois Date:September 3 2002 1:34am
Subject:Re: Help! Recovering corrupt table
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At 23:57 +0100 9/2/02, Rolf Howarth wrote:
>>RH> I'm using MySQL 3.23.51. I have a table which started giving 127 errors.
>>RH> It "recovers" my table but I end up with only 1030 out of 27497 rows,
>>RH> so that's not a log of help!
>>RH> Running myisamchk -r -e gives a similar result (only 1030 rows are
>>RH> recovered), as does truncating the table first then restored the MYD
>>RH> file and running myiasmchk.
>>RH> Any other suggestions as to what to try?
>>Could you repair table with REPAIR TABLE .. USE_FRM ?
>Thanks for the the suggestion. What does USE_FRM mean? That gives a 
>syntax error.

That's because USE_FRM isn't supported until MySQL 4.0.2.  It means that
the repair operation uses the table's .frm (description) file in order
to determine what the structure of the indexes should be.  It can be useful
if the index file has been corrupted beyond recognition.

>  If I do a plain REPAIR TABLE then it has the same effect as 
>myisamchk, just giving me 1030 out of 27000+ rows!
>>Does it also deletes records?
>Not sure what you mean?
>Rolf Howarth, Square Box Systems Ltd, Stratford-upon-Avon UK.

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