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From:Paul DuBois Date:September 3 2002 1:02am
Subject:Re: mysock.sql problem
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At 9:09 +1200 9/3/02, Defryn, Guy wrote:
>I have installed mysql from the ports collection on FreeBSD and it 
>was working fine.
>I would like to move the /tmp/mysql.sock file ( or is it safe to 
>leave it there?) so I
>Created a my.cnf file with the following options
>I take down the mysql server and restart but it refuses to work. It 
>is still looking in the /tmp directory

1) *where* did you create the my.cnf file?
2) Do you mean that the server still creates the file in /tmp, or that it
creates it where you specified, but that *clients* still look in /tmp?
If the latter, remember that you need to tell the clients where to find
the file as well:


>What am I doing wrong? Could this be a permission thing on the sock file?
>What permissions does this file need?

mysock.sql problemGuy Defryn3 Sep
Re: mysock.sql problemPaul DuBois3 Sep