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From:Paul DuBois Date:September 2 2002 8:05pm
Subject:RE: Just being prudent - upgrade MySql v3.23 to v4.0.2
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At 10:20 -0700 9/2/02, Programming Dept wrote:
>Please see,
>specifically the link for "You can find how to upgrade from MySQL 3.23 Here
>In general what you have to do when upgrading to 4.0 from an earlier MySQL
>Run the mysql_fix_privilege_tables to add new privileges and features to the
>MySQL privilege tables.

That doesn't help much for Windows, which has no mysql_fix_privilege_tables

>Edit any MySQL startup scripts or configure files to not use any of the
>deprecated options listed below.
>Convert your old ISAM files to MyISAM files with the command:
>mysql_convert_table_format database. Note that this should only be run if
>all tables in the given database is ISAM or MyISAM tables. If this is not
>the case you should run ALTER TABLE table_name TYPE=MyISAM on all ISAM
>Ensure that you don't have any MySQL clients that uses shared libraries
>(like the perl Msql-Mysql-modules). If you have, you should recompile them
>as structures used in `' have changed.
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>From: Chuck Amadi [mailto:chuck.amadi@stripped]
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>Subject: Just being prudent - upgrade MySql v3.23 to v4.0.2
>Still haven't recieved a simple answer when i unzip the
> Do i simply extract into C:\mysql Folder and
>override everthing .
>as i have working db's so i just would like confirmation prior to
>The MySql Doc's don't clarify this I assume you do but i thought i'll
>remain prudent.
>Plz confirm ASAP as I have another MySql Project that'll conbine
>Transactions (Innodb) Table & TimeStamp datatype field for all the
>Project Tables .
>Chuck Amadi
>ICT Dept Systems Programmer
>Rhaglenydd Systemau Adran ICT

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