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From:Paul DuBois Date:September 2 2002 7:58pm
Subject:RE: Just Prudent & Dumb
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At 12:39 -0400 9/2/02, UserFor5714@stripped wrote:
>Chuck Amadi <chuck.amadi@stripped> wrote:
>>Hi Sorry but i nedd to be spoon fed Ýcan i just unzip the
>> into my C:\mysql folder to upgrade and confirm
>>Yes to All at the prompt
>>as i don't want to loose any Projects that are currently in MySql v3.2.3.
>>Sorry 4 sounding dumb but i feel abit queesey prior upgrade I have read
>>the Doc's but it feels it's relating to after you've upgrade and run
>>whats neccessarry so Plz can someone confirm.
>You should back up everything either with mysqldump, phpMyadmin or 
>just copy the directory in Data that is your database name to 
>somewhere. then just plop the directory back this is fine unless you 
>have an enormous db.

One problem is that the structure of the grant tables in the mysql
database changed in 4.0.2.

Under Unix, you could use the strategy above and then run the
mysql_fix_privilege_tables script to update the grant tables.
But that's a shell script; unfortunately, there is no equivalent
Windows script.

>John Coder

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