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From:Paul DuBois Date:September 2 2002 12:42am
Subject:Re: mysql default charset
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At 9:19 +0900 9/2/02, suresh wrote:
>Go to mysqlAdmin
>Go to my.ini setup
>language = MYSQL_HOME/share/your_language_here
>Save the changes

That changes the language in which error messages are displayed,
not the character set used for table data.

>Hope this will help
>At 11:33 'ß'ã 02/09/01 +0300, you wrote:
>>How can I set my mysqld-nt.exe to run different charset
>>for example cp1251.
>>I tried mysqld-nt.exe --default-charset-set=cp1251
>>but it started second instance of mysqld-nt and my MySQL did not order
>>correctly cyrillic.

Are you saying that you didn't shut down the first instance first?

>>Any help apreciated.

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