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From:Paul DuBois Date:September 1 2002 3:49am
Subject:Re: file size limit
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At 5:19 +0200 9/1/02, David Lloyd wrote:
>Paul et al,
>>  At 18:59 -0400 8/31/02, qlarry wrote:
>>  >here a file size limit in my sql
>>  What?
>I think that loosely should translate as "Where is a file size limit in
>MySQL" which I would then interpret as "Is there a file size limit in
>All MyISAM tables are stored on the local file system so it is dependant
>on the file system and operating system you are running. Or to put it
>another way, your MyISAM table (MySQL's default type) are stored as
>files, and it is your operating system that limits the file size and not
>As for other types such as BDB and InnoDB I don't know the answer.

ISAM: minimum of 4GB per file (MyISAM internal limit) or OS file size limit.
MyISAM: same, except that by using AVE_ROW_LENGTH and MAX_ROWS you can bump
the MyISAM internal limit to approx 8 terabytes.
BDB: minimum of at least 2 TB (MyISAM internal limit) or OS file size limit.
InnoDB: depends on size of InnoDB tablespace.  By default, max tablespace
size is 4 billion pages x 16KB per page.  But all InnoDB tables compete
for space inside this tablespace.

>I hope this helps.
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