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From:Gerald Clark Date:August 30 2002 7:42pm
Subject:Re: query optimization
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That is not valid SQL.
a table can't be like something.
I think you ommitted the field name.
I also don't see why you need a join , unless you have duplicate ids.

Gabe wrote:

>First off, please excuse me if this is the wrong list to post this sort of question to
> (and please direct me to the
>appropriate list)
>My problem:
>I have a database of approx. 170,000 records and 1.2 million keywords.  Most of my
> searches happen fairly quickly using
>the format below
>However, the "group by" is causing a temporary table when I "explain" my statement,
> which significantly lengthens query
>If I eliminate the group by, queries are substantially sped up and a temp table is not
> being generated.  Only problem
>with not using "group by" is that sometimes the same ID is duplicated in the results
> due to some of the keywords being
>very similar (i.e.  "Richard", "Rich", "Rick") for the same ID.
>Can anyone help with a different Select strategy or something else to eliminate the
> temp table being generated for this
>main - has unique ID (primary) column and main data columns
>kw_table - has ID column and a keyword column
>Indexes are created on the ID columns and the keyword column.
>SELECT main.*
>FROM kw_table, kw_table AS kw_table1, main
>WHERE  kw_table LIKE 'first word%' AND kw_table1 LIKE '2nd word%' AND =
> AND =
>Limit 0,11
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