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From:Paul DuBois Date:August 29 2002 8:39pm
Subject:Re: What's data/*-bin.*?
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At 16:03 -0400 8/29/02, Philip Mak wrote:
>What are all these rei-bin.* files in this MySQL data directory? Are
>they needed? They're taking up a lot of disk space. They seem to be
>some sort of log.
>horde            rei-bin.008  rei-bin.016
>linkwars                 rei-bin.001          rei-bin.009  rei-bin.017
>my.cnf                   rei-bin.002          rei-bin.010  rei-bin.018
>mysql                    rei-bin.003          rei-bin.011  rei-bin.019
>  rei-bin.004          rei-bin.012  rei-bin.020
>  rei-bin.005          rei-bin.013  rei-bin.021
>psa                      rei-bin.006          rei-bin.014  rei-bin.022
>      rei-bin.007          rei-bin.015  rei-bin.index

The binary update logs.  They serve as a record of updated, to be used
for two primary purposes:
- To be sent to slave replication servers
- To be used for data recovery purposes after a crash

The rei-bin.index file is an index of the binary log files.  It records
which binary logs the server is maintaining.
What's data/*-bin.*?Philip Mak30 Aug
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