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From:Gelu Gogancea Date:August 29 2002 5:27pm
Subject:Re: Stored Procedureish Advise needed
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Some what it seems to be like store procedure for MySQL you can find on:

For trigger you don't have alternative.You must write a simple application
which monitoring your Internet Sessions and writing
in MySQL DataBase.



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Subject: Stored Procedureish Advise needed

> Hello gang,
> I have an application (radius) that is logging network activity to MySQL.
> When a users completes a network session an accounting insert query is
> for that session showing the session length.  The application has the
> functionality to SUM all session times for a user and determine if it
> let them connect the next time.  The SUM query will eat us up as the
> of session in the table is very large.  If I had stored procedures (and
> triggers would make this so nice!) I would simply add the seconds every
> I got an accounting update. This would reduce my overhead 1000 fold. I can
> alter the INSERT query for the application, but the application will only
> let me issue ONE query.
> What are my options with MySQL 3.x.  I have looked at the User Defined
> Functions, but that requires me to write a n exit to C that just calls
> embedded SQL to populate another table.  There must be an SQL solution to
> this.
> I.O.W turn the following into one query for me!
> INSERT INTO SOMETABLE (val1,val2,val3) VALUES ('val1','val2','val3')
> and (psuedo code.. which makes now sense!)
> This is trivial to do in a stored procedure for other databases. You would
> simply store the value of the current seconds in a variable, add the input
> argument to it, and then update the table.
> Tell me how to do this in MySQL. Have your application do it or, call a
> script doesn't help me much.  This has to be a database thing.  Am I stuck
> with UDF or native functions?  The generic examples aren't much help.
> anyone have the C/C++ code to define a UDF that can execute an input
> script (i.e. execv?) so I can write this in perl and be able to change it
> the fly?
> Thanks in advance...
> John Gruber
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