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From:Greg Donald Date:August 31 1999 12:56pm
Subject:Re: Protocol, aka Courtesy
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Subject: Protocol, aka Courtesy

> Monty, developers, gurus, et. al.,
> I've been lurking on this list for several months, and 
> it's beyond my comprehension how all of you put up with
> the idiotic posts to this list.  People don't read the
> *excellent* documentation you've prepared.  They don't
> know how to operate their own operating systems.  They
> ask the very same questions that you answered the day
> before. 
> You guys are too damn nice, and I'm here to complain 
> about it! :)  I'm tired of firing up my mail client
> every morning and finding 200 messages, of which only
> five or six deserve to be on the list.
> I spoze you have some PR considerations that I'm not
> aware of, but I really think you oughta just point
> the clueless to the clues (i.e., the doc) and let'em
> go finger it out.  90% of the stuff you answer is
> clearly and obviously stated in the documentation.
> How many times are you expected to answer the same
> question?  How many times do I have to read the
> same old things?
> Everybody's a newbie to everything at first, and the
> net is all about sharing information, and "those in
> the know" impart their wisdom to the "know nots".
> That's kewl.  That's the way it's supposed to work,
> we've all been on both ends of the give and take,
> but I don't see where you guys should have to waste 
> your time explaining trivia that is not at all directly
> germain to the rather advanced topic of MySQL per se.
> There are newsgroups for "What is SQL?" and "What is PERL",
> and "What is Windoze?" and "How do I turn my computer on?".
> I hate to suggest it, but I really think you need to
> take the stance of "moderated list" and shitcan all
> the crap that people can EASILY find in your doc or 
> any primer on SQL.
> You gotta be tired of answering it.  Hell, I'm tired of reading it!
> I lurked a good two months and learned all sorts of nifto stuff
> before I ever posted a question.  Doesn't anybody know
> what homework is anymore?
> My two cents.  Shoot me. 
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