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From:Bhavin Vyas Date:August 29 2002 6:34am
Subject:Re: Some Broad Help Before I Get Started
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You should be able to acheive all of that via a web interface using
PHP-MySql. It will only be a matter of designing the user interface
correctly (eg: check boxes for all categories a book can belong to).

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Subject: Some Broad Help Before I Get Started

> Hi All,
> I'm looking towards using MySQL to setup a couple of databases for the
> organisation I work for (specifically a Library DB and another for
> recording our 'outputs').
> Before I get to the question, some background ... We currently use Ms
> Access, but my interest in MySQL is that we would be able to give what I
> develop away for free (we are a Peak Body in the non-profit community
> services sector in Aust.), which would be beneficial for our members.
>   However, I'm wondering which way to go with the 'interface' side of
> things - Web-based or Java or some other I'm not aware of (the key is
> cross-platform usability).  My preference is for web-based as I've
> already got a working knowledge of PHP, rather than JAVA.
> However, I'd like to make the interface as easy to use as and fast as
> possible, and my question is: can a PHP-MySQL combination via a browser
> allow you to input data into related tables via a single form?  For
> instance, consider a library DB that has two tables, Books & Categories,
> with a one-to-many relationship from Books to Categories (one book can
> belong to many categories).  Would it be possible to build a form in a
> web-environment to input data about a book (Title, Author blurb etc) and
> the categories it belongs to?
> This might seem like a dumb question, but my only previous experience of
> data-driven web sites is with Filemaker Pro (ugh, don't go there!),
> where such an action was not possible.
> If anyone has broader advice about how to develop DB's for
> cross-platform use, I'd be interested - this isn't my main role here by
> any means, I'm just weekend hacker who happens to have learnt a bit of
> programming and relational DB theory via electives at uni.  Please feel
> free to CC your responses to me directly.
> TIA,
> David
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