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From:Michael Widenius Date:August 31 1999 10:58am
Subject:Re: Problem of IF(), ISNULL(), and COUNT()
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>>>>> "Churo" == Churo Park <churo@stripped> writes:

Churo> I attached a file with this mail.

Churo> If you execute the file into MySQL and examine the results,
Churo> you can see what is the problem.

Churo> The file creates tables tp, tr; insert records into each table;
Churo> select data as follows(it works well); insert another record
Churo> into tr; and select data(it works wrong).

Churo> It seems that there's a sort of threshold.

Churo> Thanks again.

Churo> Churo


First a small note;  Don't post big traces to the mailing list;  Just
post them directly to me or ftp them to

I was now able to duplicate this (Last time I accidently tested this
with MySQL 3.23 (which worked)).

I have now managed to fix this in 3.22.26, but as this required a lot of small
changes I will not post a patch; You have to wait a couple of days 
for 3.22.26 to get this fixed.

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