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From:Bryant Hester Date:August 28 2002 12:54pm
Subject:RE: MS Access and mySQL
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If you are going to be completely converting the Access db to MySQL,
and just using Access as the frontend, you will need to download

You can download either the stable or development release. There is
also a FAQ that will answer your questions there about how to setup
almost exactly what you are referring to.

This FAQ is for the development release (3.51.03) but can also be
used for the stable release (2.50.xx). I recently had to do the same
thing with a Paradox database for a client, and have had relatively
few issues following the documentation. After downloading and
installing MyODBC you will be able to export the database directly to
your Linux MySQL, however you will lose your table structures for the
most part and will have to do some ALTER TABLE statements to put your
keys back and the majority of your fields set to their proper type.

Bryant Hester
Juxtapose, inc.

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From: Jonathan Coleman [mailto:jonathanrcoleman@stripped] 
Sent: Wednesday, August 28, 2002 12:40 AM
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Subject: MS Access and mySQL


I have a situation where a church I am doing some volunteer work for
has a MS Access (office 97) database running on NT.  They are
(woohoo) upgrading to a QUBE (linux box) for a server which has mySQL
installed (and I can upgrade it etc..)

My job therefore is to 

a) port MS Access data and queries to mySQL database

b) use the MS Access forms to access the data and queries through

Is there anyone who can point me in the right direction, either to
where the searchable discussion archives are, OR even better, someone
who has gone through this before?

Jon - Yahoo! Digital How To
- - Get the best out of your PC!

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