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From:Martin Ramsch Date:August 31 1999 9:19am
Subject:Re: Selects accross multiple tables
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On Tue, 1999-08-31 03:10:30 -0400, sam1600@stripped wrote:
> Comment: I have searched high and low for the answer
> to this with no luck. I cannot believe that I am the 
> first to run into it :-)

Well, actually you're not -- and your question has been asked, and
answered, only the day before ...

Quoting Sinisa's answer:
| What you are looking for is not join.  Join query joins two tables
| by common attribute and displays result from all of them in a single
| row.
| What you are looking for is some form of UNION which is not
| implemented (yet) in MySQL.

A work-around for UNION is to do insert the data from both tables
into a temporary table, using twice INSERT INTO tmp SELECT ...
And then fetch the over-all result from this temporary table.

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