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From:Gerald Clark Date:August 27 2002 9:01pm
Subject:Re: mysqldump on tables which use auto_increment
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use the -f option to ignore the duplicates.
Chris Barnes wrote:

>I have a database which a few tables which have a few fields set with
>auto_increment and i'm having alot of trouble restoring the backup because
>the backup recreates the table with the auto_increment field, but when it
>tries to enter the data back into the table it cant because it is trying to
>manually enter the value for the field with the auto_increment.
>here's a sample of the backup sql...
>  ship_id bigint(20) unsigned NOT NULL auto_increment,
>  ship_name varchar(20),
>  ship_destroyed enum('Y','N') DEFAULT 'N' NOT NULL,
>  character_name varchar(20) DEFAULT '' NOT NULL,
>  password varchar(16) DEFAULT '' NOT NULL,
>now here's a sample of the data it will try to enter into the table....
># Dumping data for table 'ships'
>INSERT INTO ships VALUES (1,'WebMaster','N','WebMaster','admin@xxxxxxxxxx');
>if i try to restore the database from this data it always tells me there was
>an error because it is trying to insert a duplicate value.
>dos anyone know how to properly backup and restore a table with
>auto_increment fields? or am i on the completely wrong track here?
>any help appreciated.
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